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Guide for Procedures



    In order to become a member of Eldori, click on the option CREATE ACCOUNT in the Introductory part of our main page.


    Fill in the information completely for Name, Surname, Email and/Mobile Phone Number in the newly-opened Free Membership page.

    Enter the password determined by you in the relevant field. In the subsequent member logins, you need to enter this password and also your email.

    Because member logins are done with email and password, in case you do not enter your email address, your membership will not take place.

    Mark the box I have Read the User Agreement and Privacy Rules and I confirm them. click on the button Create an Account  and you can become a member.

    You can mark the relevant box if you allow for DIMBA privacy policy, processing-usage of personal data and sending of commercial electronic message to you. When you click on the specified expression, you can see the content. When you do not want commercial electronic messages to be sent to you in the subsequent stage, you can carry out the specified relevant procedure in messages sent to you. (Messages lawfully possible/compulsory to be sent continue.) You can also reach information regarding this by clicking on Membership Information in the menu at My Account side of the page.

    In case you receive any message of error during your membership procedures to DIMBA, you can click on the button undo. If this error is repeated, you can contact us on our twenty-four-seven Customer Service for the purpose of getting information regarding the error message and its solution.

    When you want to change your membership information, you can carry out the procedures in Article 3 in the part Member Login.

    When your membership procedures are completed, we will send Membership Information-Contract (as a form-text) to the mail address specified in your Membership Information.



    Enter the address and click on the link Enter located in the upper section.

    In the opening page, enter the email address used during membership creation and the password determined.

    Click on the Login button.


    If you have forgotten your password, click on the link I Forgot My Password . In the field of email in the opening page, enter the email address used during membership creation and press on  Send button. Your password will be sent to you with email. You can change your password for your safety by carrying out the below steps.


    You can view your profile, your orders, your returns, the gift certificates that you have in My Account section on our main page.

    You can update your email address, mobil phone number in  My Information  tab and your password in   Change My Password  tab.

    You can enter new addresses or modify the addresses that you entered before in My Addresses tab.

    My Orders You can view the order date, order number, amount and status of all your orders from the tab; When you click on the browse link on the same page, you can get details such as the photo of the product, delivery and billing address.



    You can go to and start shopping.


    You can choose your products, colors and other related preferences during shopping, you can add them  to your basket  with button Add to Basket .


    When you add products to your cart; Transaction Successful message box opens. Press OK in the message box and you can continue your shopping.

    If you do not want to add a different product to your cart and want to make a direct purchase, you can go to your cart by clicking the button Go To Cart .


    You can change the quantity of your product in the number of pieces on your cart page, you can see the total amount of your product including the VAT and delivery costs or you can change the number of products in your cart. If you want to exchange or cancel the product, it is possible to proceed by returning to the previous steps (steps).


    In the first stage of the basket page you can view the products in your cart.

    When you click Buy, you can proceed to payment screen through Proceed with Paying

    In case there is no branch of the courier firm to carry out the delivery in the area where you are, you need to receive the Product from another close branch that we will specify to you.


    In the first stage of your basket page, you can enter the amount of points you want to use in your order from the Use Points button at the top right and you can deduct your points from the total amount of your order.


    Delivery-Invoice Address page, if you want your order to be delivered to your address, you must enter  your address information and save it.

    If you want the address on your invoice to be different, enter the billing address by clicking the button Billing Address Same as My Delivery Address

    Click on the corresponding boxes for the delivery address and billing address. Please ensure that your invoice information and delivery information are complete and accurate, so that your order's invoice can be arranged correctly and for no problems with delivery.

    After creating your delivery address and billing address information, you can reach  the page Cargo  by clicking on Shipping Selection

    On Cargo Selection  page, you can continue to the payment screen by selecting the UPS standard shipping option or Aras standard shipping option. Standard shipping fee with Aras Kargo is free at purchase for 100 TL or more.(Just for Turkey)

  8. Entering the payment information to the site

    You can go to the Order Summary step by selecting the payment type you want to use for your shopping (credit card, payment at the door of the payment / money order) and filling out the required payment information and clicking the Summary and Payment button.

    If you enter the wrong information during this process, you can correct it by performing the actions shown on the screen. You can contact our Customer Service 0850 215 16 90 on for any information entry errors you notice after the completion of the payment process.

    At the approval of the given order and before entering payment information, the total price you will pay, including tax and delivery costs, is located on the right side of the screen. Depending on the amount of shopping you do and the campaigns available during your shopping, the shipping cost may vary.

    Measures for the safety of the information and procedures entered to  DIMBA   have been taken in the infrastructure of system by  DIMBA , to the extent of today's technical opportunities, in accordance with the nature of the information and procedure by  DIMBA  and/or relevant payment-collection organization. However, it is your responsibility to take the necessary measures, including those relating to viruses and similar harmful practices, to protect them from unauthorized access by you as they are entered from your device.


    Before your order is completed, your order summary will be displayed in order to check the accuracy of the data you entered. At this stage, you can cancel your order using the cancel button before completing the order and if you want, you can go back to the stage by clicking on the desired section of the basket and you can change it.

    You need to check the accuracy of payment information and selection, products in your basket and their amount, invoice and delivery addresses on Summary Order page; read and confirm Preliminary Information Conditions, Other Preliminary Information Conditions and Distant Sales Contract.    Scroll down the entire pages to see all texts.

    To approve Preliminary Information Terms, Other Preliminary Information Terms and Distance Sales Agreement by checking the checkbox on the right side of the Order Summary, you can press and press the button Complete Order When you press this button, you will proceed to the Order Completion phase below.

    Completion of Order and Payment

    When you click Complete Order button; bank / related organization or Dimba Security Unit may also be required to contact you at a registered phone number and / or e-mail address in order to receive further confirmation of your order. If it is not available from the registered contact information, your order can be canceled for security purposes (even if a confirmation message has been sent). For approval of your order by the bank and payment-collection organization; Your personal contact information should be updated in your bank / organization and on our site.

    In this way, the process of obtaining and obtaining approval from the customer separately is a procedure to be exclusively carried out when necessary by DİMBA  or by the relevant bank / organization, the application of this procedure is not applicable prior to each payment-collection transaction and  DİMBA and the relevant banks / organizations do not assume any responsibility if it has not been implemented.


    Dear Visitors, Customers, Members,

    We would like to inform you of our rights under our Code of Conduct, Communications, Site Terms of Use and Your Data Processing, and your rights under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

    Inc. and on our site the mobile application), Privacy Rules-Policy and Terms of Application-Usage whose current basics are specified below are valid for the privacy of the information of visitor-member-customer(herein after to be shortly called Visitor(s)), the protection, keeping, processing-usage-removal of personal data(information), commercial electronic communication and other issues.

    Methods of Collecting Information, Processing-Transfer Purpose and Personal Data Processing

    In order to take necessary measures for the protection of their privacy and to comply with all legal principles regarding the processing of personal data and personal data retention-destruction policies; if it is legally mandatory, for some applications, also with permission; Visiting physical and virtual businesses, shopping and contact information of our visitors and other personal information detailed below,

    • Data Responsible Our company Dimba İç ve Dış Tic AŞ. and its partners, partners, business partners, successors, service providers, suppliers and third parties / organizations (including social media and online advertising operators) and / or groups of receptors) and
    • whether for the benefit of general and tailor-made product-services and facilities due to legal reasons for the realization of customer experiences, consumer rights, customer / member services and related commercial-financial and legal liability-obligations related to the products or services they receive or are interested in all kinds of product-service promotion, advertising, communication, promotion, sales, marketing, store card, credit card and user / membership / customer information, operations and applications for the purpose of
    • so here is specified and also the law of personal data can be processed and can be transferred clearly foreseen, all kinds of cases recognised by alenileştirildiği of the information, the consumer, with the establishment of contracts or membership and other directly in relation to the processing of personal data belonging to a party to a contract is required, likewise as principal/functioning data instead of performing all kinds of legal liability in cases of compulsory addition to plant, data transfer and data processing for the use or protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms with situations is harming the functioning of data as foreseen in the law here and principal/interest for legitimate data processing and transfer is mandatory/required,
    • partially or completely automated methods of gathering with/without (breakdown of our company and we are foregoing organizations spoken/written information, stores and/or they are physical-virtual environments, including mobile applications visits to websites and content review, social media, and advertising network operators from membership and process information on the sites owned by the company and upon the foregoing entities (physical and virtual/digital) member/user and interested in shopping with call center operations and customer satisfaction of the payment-receipt-delivery-complain-campaign-poll operations and their financial documents and other legal documents-records, also fixed-mobile skilled internet and communication devices and/or mobile applications in various environments and use/written, oral, Visual and technical data obtained) available, they exceeded the legal maximum time to preprocess attributes moving and the nature of the information to be processed according to the purpose the length of time to achieve predictable as with preferences, likes and comments on the actual/joined the campaign, contest, survey, and so their contents with the contents of the invoice, payment methods, except confidential information such as passwords and account information, old and new Mobile/home/business telephone/fax numbers, mail addresses, electronic commercial and miscellaneous communication approach, used for various purposes, and
    • processed, your personal information is processed for the purpose of information, whether it is being used, is transferred to third persons within and outside the country the right to know and learn, all that matters on the rights to demand information, likewise missing or in the event that they were rendered improperly corrected, in accordance with the legal requirements and methods from being erased or destroyed and that this situation is transferred to third parties requesting to be notified of the data, also, an automated system and analysis of your information with the emergence of a result against for resistance and against the law in the event of damage suffered due to be processed as a remedy that you have the rights to demand,
    • For all these issues, we would like to inform you that you can apply to Dimba İç ve Dış Tic AŞ.

    We would like to let you know that permission is granted for all kinds of personal data procedures and no processing is done without permission excluding circumstances that enable your data to be processed(including transfers) by the regulations without receiving your express consent together with the fact that the things above have been presented to you pursunat to your right to know about personal data.

    In accordance with the relevant legislation and in the periods prescribed by the personal data retention-destruction policies, our Company may partially / completely destroy (erase, destroy or anonymize) personal information, visitors may contact our Company whenever they wish and without showing any reason through communication channels specified below, carry out the required legal-technical procedures, stop processing of personal data and/or commercial/electronic communications to them. According to the open notification requests, communications to the party for the personal data transactions and / or the channels specified are suspended within the legal maximum period (possible personal data processing and communication according to the law required or obligated by the Law continue). If the visitor wishes, his / her information, other than those which are legally required and / or possible, shall be deleted or destroyed from the data recording system or anonymized in order to provide the same purpose. The applications and requests in these matters will be fulfilled within the legal deadlines or may not be accepted by explaining the legal reason to him/her (Relevant legal rights reserved).

    (Information about the cookies and notifications on your computer and other devices, the operations you can do to edit them are mentioned above).

    Sites-Digital Platforms and Applications Belonging to Third Parties

    On other sites reached through our site(including their mobile versions), safety-privacy policies, conditions of use, communication and processing personal data belonging to themselves are valid; our Company is not responsible for disputes, material and moral damages and losses likely to occur as a result of data usage, ethical principles of similar sites(and similar digital platforms), principles of privacy-safety, policies of keeping and termination of personal data, quality of service, terms of usage, cookies- web beacons and the similar, notifications-suggestions and other applications of websites reached for the purpose of seeing advertisements, banners, content or for any other purpose.


    Information obtained from visitors from other sites / mobile applications / all kinds of notifications and other unit-channels of our Company and from our Site or from our site, to be recorded, stored, stored, kept, made available, used in electronic archives and outside of their electronic communication. updating, modifying, merging, rearranging, classifying, disclosure, sharing, transferring, transferring, transferring, destruction, deletion, or anonymisation of the above-mentioned persons / organizations and other methods can be processed and transferred according to the law. (hereinafter referred to as processing or process (e)) to express all of them together).

    Any non-personal information about the physical and e-commerce shops-departments of our Company and of any contracted companies and their visits to and visits to the sites where they are located (including the location data, the products examined and the shopping-related product-amount information) ) devices can be taken from the bluetooth, beacon and general-private wireless network connections by appropriate technical methods if they are open.

    Cookies on our Site Application

    Various types of cookies are used on our site (in all its digital platforms including mobile applications). These are cookies such as session cookies, persistent cookies, mandatory cookies, functionality cookies, analysis cookies, commercial cookies and third party cookies.

    Cookies are tiny bits of data placed in computers and mobile devices for the purpose of ensuring the improvement and proper operation of the internet site visited, the personalization and betterment of user experience, the visit of the user to sites without signing in and/or sending notifications to the user(that he/she can see as occasion requires even if the browser and/or the relevant mobile application is closed) with commercial-social aims and the presentation-transfer of general or specialized notifications, advertisements and introductions to site users-visitors in general both in the relevant site and sites belonging to others(including the social media-networks and online advertising networks).

    Cookies are kept on computer-devices for a suitable period of time, provided that the legal maximum period, if any, is not exceeded.

    Visitors to our site(including mobile versions) are regarded to accept the above act, the processing of the relevant cookies with the projected aims and scope-conditions for your various information here, in personal data regulation and in other parts of this notification text(including their transfer-share to/with third parties and their usage within this context).

    Visitors may arrange and remove cookies whenever they want through the settings of programs and/or operating systems and/or browsers on their devices and/or stop the specified notifications (In such a case, it should be known that our site/the relevant device/the program may not work as wished and/or you may not be aware of notification content).


    For the purpose of promotion, advertisement, communication, promotion, sales and marketing related to all kinds of products and services, as well as for store card, credit card and membership / customer information, processing, applications with our visitors, our company Dimba İç ve Dış Tic.  A. SMS / text message, instant notification, automatic dialing, computer, telephone, e-mail / mail, fax, all kinds of notifications (if it is on your device), bluetooth, beacon-other general-special wireless networks and other electronic communication tools social, commercial and other electronic communications can be made, and visitors can send commercial electronic messages.

    Your Legal Rights Regarding Your Processed- Transferred Personal Data and Your Personal Data

    Dear visitor, name, surname, username, age/birth date, gender, marital status, date of marriage, child status, of which it owned transportation, region, address and shipping address, educational level, occupation/job, cultural, artistic, sports, holidays, etc. interest -hobbies and habits such as demographic member/user/customer information, special-official ID, ID no. and tax information, photo, (for safety purposes) image recording and call center interview audio recordings, including all kinds of clothes shopping habits in relation to the service and product information, promotions and advertisements made, likewise, within the framework of any suggestions they make their decisions, according to them all kinds of process is responsible for decisions and application from the results of them.

    Since we cannot know the legal/actual authorization situation of any Visitor of our Site, responsibility for the usage,information by children and  other minors  and processing-procedure of all these  belongs to their legal representatives, these people can use their rights regarding their personal data(or as the occasion requires, for communications) through their legal repersentatives.

    Shopping and Other Consumer Procedures

    If visitors buy a commodity/service as the result of being informed through the means specified above and/or of communications, information, notifications, introductions and advertisements propagated to them, the specified procedure is also subject to the consumer contract within the legal framework to be made with the relevant seller/supplier. The consumer contract shall be applied on its own terms and between its parties.

    In your purchases from our site, the conditions of order preliminary form of information-distants sales contract that you will see during every transaction will be valid.

    Rights on Site Content

    Regarding all kinds of information and content on our site, their arrangement, revision and partial / full use; According to the agreement of our company, other than the third party; All intellectual and industrial rights and property rights belong to our Company.


    Our Company reserves the right to make any alteration it deems necessary regarding issues such as policies of keeping-usage and removal of personal data and site terms of use, likewise, in the products, services and opportunities to be presented; these alterations become valid the moment they are announced by our Company through the Site or through other appropriate methods.

    For all these issues, you can request additional information, any requests and complaints from the following communication channels to our company DİMBA İç ve Dış Tic AŞ. In circumstances where the relevant demand needs to be made through a certain procedure (method-time-style) pursuant to laws, the procedure in question needs to be obeyed.

    Address: Yeni Mahalle Mah. Galeri Caddesi No: 10 / 1 Gaziosmanpaşa / İSTANBUL

    Phone: +90 850 215 16 90 

    Internet address: