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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

It is not obligatory to subscribe to the system for shopping from Membership is free and allows benefiting from special benefits and discounts. It also allows members to see past purchases, make addresses and personal records, and complete purchases quickly.

Discounts and deals in apply only to online purchases.

Eldori reserves the right to change without prior notice the prices, visuals, qualities and all other information published at Eldori is also not responsible for price and content errors occurring during changes made or stemming from formation and system errors due to the system. It reserves the right to cancel orders whose price, scope and qualities are wrongfully indicated as a result of these defects.

Eldori reserves the right to cancel the order or demand additional information by communicating with the owner of the order for the purpose of ensuring procedure safety in the event of suspicion that acts deemed as crimes in relevant laws, the cornerstone of which is Turkish Criminal Law, such as forgery, fraud, cyber crimes and similar ones have been committed through the credit card for the order or other means of payment, revealed as the result of the inspection carried out in accordance with safety criteria it itself has and critearia emanating from laws. There is no obligation to share the findings of the examination with the order owner.

You acknowledge and guarantee that the shopping you do from ' is shopping for individual use, not aiming for commercial profit. The use of products bought from ' in the ways of change, mending or similar ways outside their normal fields of use or aimed fields of use is one of the illegal acts for all remaining real and legal entities excluding companies Eldori has a contractual relationship with. All rights of ' are reserved towards all these procedures.

No product that is the design of Eldori cannot be copied, reproduced, altered. Legal rights of Eldori are reserved in the case that these products are reproduced even after they have been changed and are put into market, such acts are carried out for profit.

As a result of the manual production of the products ordered from ' there may be a difference of + - 10% in the carats and grams of the products.

The fact that the rings are adjusted according to the ring size that you specify can also cause slight differences in weight. Orders are domestically sent in 1-5 days, to European countries in 2-5 days, to America in 2-5 days. In order for the order to be sent, the day the money order/EFT goes in the bank account of Akbank and Garanti Bank is taken as the basis. Products may not always be in stock. Due to this possibility, Eldori does not undertake responsibility in delays not emanating from the fault of Eldori emanating from the supply of the product late. In orders of money order/EFT, when payments are not made within 7 (seven) days and the realization of the procedure is not notified to to Eldori by clicking on the button ''Money order/EFT has been realized'' subsequently, those orders are cancelled. (The delivery period of special productions is also regulated, not subject to these deadlines)

You read and understand and acknowledge terms and conditions in Terms of Use, Distant Sales Contract and Withdrawal, Guarantee and Exchange Conditions in shoppings you do from the website of

User Agreement

Read carefully the conditions of general use specified below before starting to use our site (

Because you are starting to use the site and entering your personal information mean that you automatically accept the conditions written below, do not use the system if these conditions are not appropriate for you.

    1. The member acknowledges conditions specified in this contract from the moment he/she completes the sign-up or shares his/her information by proceeding without being a member in order to place an order and this contract comes into effect. The contract automatically goes invalid without any need for any reminder in case the membership expires or one of the conditions for termination specified in this contract occurs.
  2. Use and Safety Rules
    1. Eldori is a site open to everyone who is a member. Eldori member may begin to use the site of by entering his electronic mail address and password after completing his/her membership procedures and confirming his/her electronic mail address provided he/she obeys conditions specified in this contract.
    2. It is not possible for third parties or organizations to use information such as usernames, passwords given to members or they determined by themselves.
      The Member will be responsible for the privacy of such information as usernames and passwords provided to the member. Eldori has no responsibility for the use of such information by any individual other than the Member and regarding the control of this situation. Likewise, the Member cannot use an IP address, electronic mail address, username and other information belonging to someone else in the Internet environment and cannot access private information of other Members without permission and cannot use these. Any kind of legal and penal obligation likely to arise from such kind of use belongs to the Member.
    3. Software, likely to threaten the general safety of the site, likely to prevent the operation of the site and softwares used, cannot be used. Any kind of information from the site cannot be taken, deleted or altered via such means.
    4. Eldori is open to any kind of criticism. All this criticism directed at our site is in our possession and can be used for the purpose of marketing.
    5. If you provide your contact information in order to contact you in accordance with Article 6 of the Regulation on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages, you do not need to obtain your consent for commercial electronic messages regarding changes, use and maintenance of the goods or services provided. In this context, if you share your phone number with Dimba at the membership stage or at any stage related to your order, you acknowledge that Dimba may send any commercial electronic messages including status of your orders, cargo status and changes, usage and maintenance of the goods or services provided through Whatsapp.
  3. Obligations of the Member
    1. In case the Member harms Eldori by taking advantage of any error(technical,etc.) in the campaigns, in the sale system or the website of Eldori, obtains unfair advantage, does unfair things repeatedly, carries out unreal acts, takes advantage of campaigns and conditions of sale although he/she does not match the required critearia, exploits campaigns, sale system or the website of Eldori and Eldori finds out all these, Eldori has the right to immediately terminate the sales agreement unilaterally, to cancel the procedures in question, to end the membership of the user in addition to its rights arising from its criteria.
    2. In the event that the Member does not obey the obligations specified in this contract or the general rules specified in the site of the benefiting and/or content contribution by the Member from/to may be prevented temporarily or permanently by Eldori , and/or his/her membership may be cancelled.
    3. Backing up the messages with Eldori is within the responsibility of the Member.
    4. The Member cannot act in a way that would prevent or make it difficult for other members and visitors from using/to use Eldori , he/she cannot load automatic programs to servers or databases and jeopardize/lock them. The Member cannot make an attempt at distorting the data. Otherwise, not only will his/her membership be ended, but also he/she accepts all kinds of legal and penal responsibility likely to arise from this situation.
    5. Cancellation of membership and deletion of account may be done by the member on the address of . The authorization of the user to enter the site will be cancelled if he/she has ended membership.
    6. The Member acknowledges that he/she will be deemed to have accepted all the judgements of this participation contract from the moment he/she began benefiting from the Service and the contract will express judgement about him/her. The Member will compensate wholly for all kinds of damages Eldori will suffer from due to his/her actions contrary to obligations he/she undertook through this contract; Eldori has the right of whole revocation from the Member for all kinds of compensation and/or administrative/legal cash fines it may have to pay public institutions and/or third parties because of the acts of the Member contrary to the contract.